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Mary-Ann Troskie

Hi, I'm Mary-Ann Troskie. I am a freelance artist (oil paintings). My Art Gallery is located in Schweizer-Reneke NW South Africa. The media I work in are oils, watercolors and drawings. My subjects include children, landscapes, portraits and florals. I also accept commission work. I accept commission work, Why? Why not commission...

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Freelance Artist

    Mary-Ann Troskie is a freelance artist from Schweizer-Reneke, NW South Africa. Examples of my work can be found throughout this site and in the gallery the type of work I have been involved with to date. Mostly landscape and children oil paintings. However, I am always willing to consider new challenges.

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Art Gallery


I have also recently added a page to Facebook where I regularly add examples of my work.. My caricatures and portraits are popular as unusual gifts. You can see examples of my previous projects in the Gallery and I would need a clear photograph to work with. Please contact me if you would be interested in more information.

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Artist Statement

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Mary-Ann Troskie: Artist Statement
While studying Art and crafts almost 5 years ago, I stumbled upon my life passion: painting. One of the many required courses was an “Introduction to Painting” class at my friend Eleanor that changed my life. Originally, I worked...

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My Contact Info

My Studio Address

7 Oribi Street,
NW. South Africa.
Phone: +27 72 766 4300