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Posted by Mary-Ann Troskie on June 8, 2011  •  Comments (64)

Why not commission a work direct from an artist?

Around 80% of my paintings are commissions. Commissioning a work of art can be an exciting and rewarding experience. I've found that most people who have done so are glad they did. If you are attracted to an artist's work, chances are you will be on the same wavelength the artist will understand your wishes and you will trust the artist to interpret them. Everybody wins.

We make it easy for you

  • You tell us what you would like
  • We qoute for the work
  • If you accept the qoute, we proceed, usually with a deposit
  • We liaise with you throughout the commission to help you create your ideal work of art.

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About the Artist

Originally, I worked from pictures from magazines to paint large-scale landscapes. The response was immediate and very positive with commissions from interested iduviduals. Getting ready for those commissions helped me realize two things. Firstly, It suplimented my being a lonely studio painter. Second, I wanted to paint bigger size paintings. I could face my easel one direction in the morning, and simply turn my easel another direction in the afternoon to have a variety of subjects.

I live with my husband Albie, our 2 kids, 2 dogs and an African-Grey Parrot live in Schweizer-Reneke, NW South Africa. My studio is right outside our front door on our front stoop. Come for a visit one day if you are in the visinity!

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that I'm an artist. I perform an art with a paint brush.

landscape thumbnail painting

I really get excited about it. It makes me want to create even more. It makes it all worthwhile, all the hours of hard work.

Art is something that happens, a process, not a quality, and all sorts of things can make it happen ... What makes a work of art "good" for you is not something that is already "inside" it, but something that happens inside you.

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Artist Statement

Mary-Ann Troskie: Artist Statement for Website

landscape painting

While studying Art and crafts almost 5 years ago, I stumbled upon my life passion: painting. One of the many required courses was an “Introduction to Painting” class at my friend Elionor's that changed my life. Originally, I worked...

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