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By default, an artist retains all copyrights and any other intangible rights to the artwork he/she creates. According to Copyright Law, your art is considered copyright protected from "the moment it is created. Copyright is legal protection granted by a countries government and the International Berne Convention, among other protecting statutes, laws and standards to protect an artist's work from being infringed upon. Severe penalties can be levied by the courts up to $100,000.00 per infringement. For a thorough review of the copyright laws please go to http://www.loc.gov/copyright.

In other words:

Enjoy looking but do not use any of the images on this website without my written permission.

For permission use, please contact me.


Keep an eye out:

Have you come across one of my illustrations which you think is being used without permission? If you help me catch a pirate that I decide to make walk the plank (sue for copyright infringement) I will give you 10% of my court winnings.

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